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from Shota Nakao

The opening day of the Musha Shugyo ended successfully !!

Frankly speaking, I was so excited and nervous that I cannot fall asleep on the day before the opening day of Musha Shugyo.
And today is the opening day of Musha Shugyo.

The first show was held at AEON MALL ARATAMABASHI !!

I was born in Nagoya and I often went to AEON MALL ARATAMABASHI in the past. I am very happy that the opening day of FANTASTICS Musha Shugyo can be held there !!

Even though the opening day of the tour was held in the afternoon of weekdays, many people came and gave us a lot of cheers and support, driving away our nervousness !

The 2nd show was also held at AEON MALL ARATAMABASHI,
and the 3rd and 4th shows were held at AEON MALL NAGOYACHAYA.

We presented our shows on an outdoor stage at AEON MALL NAGOYACHAYA, which created a different atmosphere than that in AEON MALL ARATAMABASHI.

Many people came to AEON MALL NAGOYACHAYA to watch our performances, making the atmosphere very exciting !!
I am very grateful to all viewers! Thanks a lot !

Tomorrow will be our 2nd day in Nagoya.
We will hold 3 shows at AEON MALL TOKONAME
at 12:00, 14:00 and 16:00.
Please come if you have time !

The opening day ended successfully.
However, there are still many Musha Shugyo performances waiting for us. I will continue doing my best in the future !!

Please support us !

Shota Nakao