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from Taiki Sato

"FANTASTICS Musha Shugyo" opening day
ended successfully today.

From when we announced the formation of the group until today,
the 7 of us put forward our own ideas,
while discussing sound track, choreography
and the direction of development for our group.
To present a better performance
to the audience,
we rehearsed again and again every day.

And finally, today is the opening day.

The first show was held at AEON MALL ARATAMABASHI.
Though the show was scheduled at noon on a weekday,
the number of viewers
exceeded our expectations
and they waited for our performance for a long time.

I felt happy from the bottom of my heart
when I saw that scene.
As the leaders,
Sekai and I really felt relieved.

After the end of the 2nd show at the same venue,
we went to AEON MALL NAGOYACHAYA for the 3rd and 4th shows.

It was an outdoor venue,
but a lot of viewers gathered there
just like the 1st and 2nd shows.

Though it was getting late and the weather was cold,
the viewers still gave us enthusiastic support.
Thank you very much !

We took souvenir photos
with the audience today at each venue (^^)

We will hold 3 shows
at 12:00, 14:00 and 16:00 tomorrow.

Please come to watch our performance
if you have time !

Make sure to come !

Taiki Sato