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from Natsuki Sawamoto

Thank you very much for coming to enjoy FANTASTICS Musha Shugyo today !

Since the group was formed, every day we try to look at our dance and arrangement from different angles and then discuss everything together in order to show you something new !
As the opening day of Musha Shugyo was approaching, the desire to perform sooner became stronger and stronger.

Then, 2/13, the opening day of Musha Shugyo finally came.
Seeing so many viewers gathering here in the daytime on a weekday, I remember getting goose bumps immediately.

Some people told me they knew that I was born in Nagano Prefecture. Many people who don't live in Aichi Prefecture also came to watch our shows.

Thank you very much for watching our shows on the opening day of Musha Shugyo !

Thanks to your warm support, we had a great start for the Musha Shugyo with all the people who watched and enjoyed the shows.

After the 4 shows on the opening day ended,
I really felt that we have taken our first step as FANTASTICS !

We will hold 3 shows at the north court of AEON MALL TOKONAME (Aichi) at 12:00, 14:00 and 16:00 tomorrow !

Please come if you have time !

We will do our best to present you excellent performances !
Please support us !

Natsuki Sawamoto