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from Shota Nakao

The 2nd day of Musha Shugyo in Nagoya also ended successfully !
Thanks a lot !
It made me really happy that many people came here starting from the show at 12:00 today too !!

I am very glad that the shows on the opening day and the 2nd day of Musha Shugyo were all held in my hometown Nagoya.
The seniors who taught me how to dance when I was young, my friends, family members and relatives also came and gave me cheers and support. I was able to relax and just perform.

I will definitely pay you back someday.
I will learn a lot and improve my dancing skills in this Musha Shugyo, grow up as performer and pay you back !

I would like to express my gratitude to all the people who gave us warm support during the 2-day Nagoya shows of Musha Shugyo !!

Lastly, I got a nice board. I asked Keito to hold it and took a nice photo !!

170214 Blog Photo

Thank you very much !!

The next show will be held in the next week.
We will hold 3 shows at AEON MALL SAKAITEPPOCHO at 12:00, 14:00 and 16:00.
Please come if you have time !

We will work hard in the future! Please support us !

Shota Nakao