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from Taiki Sato

Musha Shugyo Day 2
Many people came to the venue today as well.
Thank you very much (^^)

We want you to know more about the members,
so from now on
we will post
off shots from
the dressing room.

First !
Leiya who gets carried away in the dressing room

170214 Blog Photo

Shotaman who looks good with the cream puff

170214 Blog Photo

Lovely Keito who is the youngest among all the members

170214 Blog Photo

with high potential

170214 Blog Photo

who is like our elder brother

170214 Blog Photo

Such an excellent team work (^^)
The members will put heart and soul into their performance !
Please look forward !

The next performance...
will be held in Osaka on 2/20 !
Please come and watch !