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from Keito Kimura

The 3 Osaka shows of the Musha Shugyo ended smoothly !

Despite the bad weather, a lot of people came to watch our show. Thank you very much (^^)
The Osaka shows were very exciting, and that made me really excited, too !
I enjoyed a great time !

I also learned a lot from the Osaka shows !!
To show a better performance on the next Musha Shugyo show, I will work harder to make good use of the experience I have gained during Nagoya and Osaka shows (^ ^)

It must have been very cold for you to wait in the rain for such a long time. Please take care of yourself and do not catch a cold.

Thank you very much, Osaka !

We are looking forward to seeing you on our next Musha Shugyo show !!

Today's photo was taken by Taiki with his instant camera.
(^ ^)
We received a lot of letters and presents !
Thank you !!

170220 Blog Photo

Keito Kimura