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from Shota Nakao

The 3 Osaka shows of Musha Shugyo ended successfully.
Thank you very much for coming to watch our performance !!

Today we performed at AEON MALL SAKAITEPPOCHO.
Despite the bad weather, I was very happy that many people came to watch our performance from the 1st show!! ^_^ Thank you very much !

In this Osaka performance, I saw my own shortcomings. I will overcome these shortcomings and improve my performance before the next Musha Shugyo show. Through excellent performances and hosting, I will show my own style !

The venue and schedule for the next Musha Shugyo show will be updated on the special website of FANTASTICS at any time. Please stick around for more info !!

Special website of FANTASTICS↓

At last, here is a photo of Leiya !!

170220 Blog Photo

They look much alike (^。^) LOL

Moreover, tomorrow is Sekai's birthday !
I wish him a Happy Birthday !!

Thank you very much for coming to enjoy our shows today !!
I will keep working hard in the future! Please support me !

Shota Nakao