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from Natsuki Sawamoto

Despite the rain, many people came to watch FANTASTICS Musha Shugyo today ! Thank you very much !

Although it rained today, many people came to the venue to watch our show, which made me very happy !
I got a lot of power from Kansai people.

The 3 shows in Osaka ended and I feel that my performance still has many flaws I have yet to fix !

I will keep on doing my best to show more attractive performances !
Meanwhile, I hope FANTASTICS' performances could be presented to more people regardless of age and gender !

The schedule and venue of the next Musha Shugyo show haven't been finalized yet. Detailed information will be announced on the special website of FANTASTICS once finalized. Please stick around for more info !
I am looking forward to seeing you on the next show !
Please come and watch our performance if you have time !

Natsuki Sawamoto