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from Leiya Seguchi

The 3rd day of the Musha Shugyo ended !!

This time, we performed at AEON MALL SAKAITEPPOCHO, Osaka !

Osaka people gave an enthusiastic reaction to our performance and made our show a great fun.

To let more people get to know the FANTASTICS, from now on, we will fully show our individuality and energy to make our group stronger.

By the way, as a performer, I will work hard so that you will think I am "dangerous" in a good way. So please support me !

And today...
We prepared a birthday surprise for our leader Sekai
who will celebrate his birthday tomorrow, February 21.

170220 Blog Photo

Happy birthday, Sekai !

I will keep on improving myself through the Musha Shugyo in the future. Everyone, please come to the venue to enjoy our performance !

Thank you !

Leiya Seguchi