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from Keito Kimura

Thank you very much for coming to watch the Kumamoto show of Musha Shugyo!!

We held 2 shows today and many people came to watch it! Thanks a lot!

Although it was our first show in Kyushu area, people in Kumamoto still gave us a lot of warm support and we presented our shows happily (^^)

I am grateful that we could perform in such a wonderful environment. We will work hard to present even better performances to you!!

Today, Sekai taught me "gyan itte (walk this way)" in the Kumamoto's dialect (LOL)!!

From now on we will continue holding our shows in Kyushu area and I hope more people could come to watch it. If you share your impression of the time spent with us in your own words, together we will get even more excited.

I am looking forward to seeing you at the venues of Musha Shugyo! Thank you very much!!

Lastly, here is a photo taken with viewers on the 2nd show!!

170304 Blog Photo

Keito Kimura