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from Shota Nakao

Thank you for watching the Miyazaki show of Musha Shugyo!!

The Miyazaki show started from 12:00 as well. Thank you very much for taking the time out of your busy schedule to come and watch us! I felt very happy for that!! (^^)

It’s been a while since the last time with 4 shows in a day. We were able to finish them happily and successfully because of the cheers and supports from many people!!

The next Musha Shugyo show will be held in Oita Prefecture, the Kyushu area!!

Free admission

Be sure to come and have fun if you have time!!

I received some colorful and cute letters from fans. Here are some photos of these letters as well as my favorite clothes and Polaroid photos!
Thank you very much.

170310 Blog Photo
170310 Blog Photo

We will continue holding the Musha Shugyo shows in the Kyushu area in a short period of time. Please come to watch FANTASTICS's shows no matter you live in the Kyushu area or not!!
In order to present wonderful performances to you, I will work hard and try my best. Please support me!!

Shota Nakao