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from Shota Nakao

The Oita show of Musha Shugyo ended successfully!! (^^)
Many people came to watch the Oita show. Thank you for your support!!

The venue where the Oita show of Musha Shugyo was held is like a hall and I could feel the distance between viewers and us was closer than that in the pervious shows!!
Therefore, we 7 members danced more happily★

During the Oita show of Musha Shugyo, I found a lot of points that I need to improve in terms of performance and hosting. I will work harder to learn performance skills and hosting skills so that more people could know us through Musha Shugyo!!

The next Musha Shugyo show will be held in Fukuoka in Kyushu area.

→3/14 AEON MALL FUKUOKA "West Court"
12:00 - / 14:00 - /
Free admission

17:00 - / 19:00 - /
Free admission

Be sure to come if you have time!

Here is a photo taken with the viewers at the venue!!♪

170312 Blog Photo

Many people came to watch our performances despite their busy schedule! Thank you very much!!
I will do my best and work harder in the future! Please support me!

Shota Nakao