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from Leiya Seguchi

Thank you for watching our Musha Shugyo show in Oita!
A lot of people came to our show today.

This time, the venue was different from that of the previous shows. We performed in a hall where we could dance closer to the viewers and we had a great time!

It was my comeback stage after I hurt my leg and I was very grateful to stand on the stage again. So I did my best during the performance and enjoyed the show in my own way!!
Again, I felt the support from our members, the staff and the viewers who came to the show.

Moreover, it was my 21st birthday yesterday. They sang happy birthday to me and made me so happy. It became a precious day of my life *\(^o^)/*

I, who became 21 years old, will work harder and do my best in the future. I also hope that myself and our group FANTASTICS could grow stronger and bring excitement to Japan and the whole world!!

170312 Blog Photo

Our next show will be held in Fukuoka!
It is my hometown!!

→3/14 AEON MALL FUKUOKA "West Court"
12:00- / 14:00- /
Free admission

17:00- / 19:00- /
Free admission

I will do my best to make the show exciting! Be sure to come!!

Leiya Seguchi