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from Shota Nakao

The Fukuoka show of Musha Shugyo ended successfully!
Many people came to watch the show from 12:00. Thank you very much!

Fukuoka is Leiya's home area, so many people cheered "Leiya~♪". I was jealous of him! LOL

This is my good friend Leiya.

170314 Blog Photo

The toy is very cute, so I took it in secret from Leiya.

Today's 4 shows ended smoothly. I deeply felt the power and enthusiasm from viewers in Fukuoka!

Here is the schedule and venue of the next Musha Shugyo show!
→3/18 AEON MALL Okinawa Rycom "5F Stage 'SKY'"
16:00 - / 18:00 - /
Free admission

I will work hard to show you wonderful performances in Okinawa. Please come if you have time!!
Thank you for watching the Fukuoka show!!

170314 Blog Photo

Shota Nakao