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from Leiya Seguchi

Our Musha Shugyo show in Fukuoka ended.

I was born and brought up in Fukuoka!
My hometown is amazing!!

Many people came to our show today. My friends and my mother also watched our performance. I performed with great passion.
Fukuoka people are so enthusiastic and it feels great to say that "Fukuoka is my hometown!"!!
To make our future shows more exciting, I will work harder!

Yesterday, the members had Motsunabe recommended by me
and they all said: "It is good!"!

I will learn more about Fukuoka so that I can introduce great restaurants when we have the opportunity to go to Fukuoka again.

Needless to say, apart from food, I will also work hard on performing! LOL

Our next show will be held in Okinawa. Please stay tuned!

3/18 (Sat.)
AEON MALL Okinawa Rycom
5F Stage "SKY"
16:00 - / 18:00 -

Staff members of EXPG Fukuoka School celebrated my birthday.
They looked after me when I was taking lessons at Fukuoka School.

170314 Blog Photo

When we visited EXPG Miyazaki School during Miyazaki show, the students there gave me a surprise!

I will improve myself and repay EXPG for their kindness!
Now I am 21 years old!! I will really do my best!!!

Please support us in the future!

170314 Blog Photo
170314 Blog Photo

Leiya Seguchi