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from Keito Kimura

Thank you for watching our Musha Shugyo show in Okinawa!!

We held two shows today and attracted a lot of viewers, which made me so happy!

This was the first time for me to come to Okinawa, but I liked Okinawa very much! The food here was so good, the sea was beautiful and the weather was so warm!

Our Musha Shugyo shows in Kyushu area including the Okinawa show received enthusiastic support from a lot of viewers. Thanks to their support, we could perform so happily!

I learned a lot from this Musha Shugyo Tour. I will use it in our next show and present better performances that you will enjoy. Moreover, we will do our best in the future, so we could come back to Kyushu and Okinawa one day and show you our improvement compared to now.

Lastly, these photos were taken with the viewers at the opening of the 1st show and the 2nd show!!

Thank you very much for today!!

170318 Blog Photo
170318 Blog Photo

Keito Kimura