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from Natsuki Sawamoto

Thank you for watching today's FANTASTICS Musha Shugyo!

And also, thank you for reading our blog.

We held two shows today. There were a lot of viewers, which made me really happy.
The weather forecast said that it would be a rainy day. However, fortunately as if it was a lie we could see the sun through the gaps of the clouds!
Your enthusiastic cheers, Okinawa's sea and energy that came from nature helped us to present an amazing show.

However on the evaluation meeting, we discovered our problems and points needing improvement. That’s why we plan to steadily improve ourselves every day, so that you could watch our new performances!!

Please support us!

The schedule of FANTASTICS Musha Shugyo's next show will be updated on the special website of FANTASTICS at any time. Please stay tuned!
I am looking forward to seeing you at the venue on our next show!
Please come and enjoy our performance if you are free!

Shota and I wore the same clothes by accident today!
It happens sometimes when you are together every day.

170318 Blog Photo

We want to to come back here after we grow stronger!
Thank you, people in Kyushu and Okinawa!

Natsuki Sawamoto