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from Leiya Seguchi

Our Musha Shugyo show in Okinawa ended!
It was the last show in Kyushu area, so today as well we did our best.

We performed on an outdoor stage which was set up near the sea!
Before the actual performance we looked at the sea, gained energy from nature and faced the stage!!
Only in Okinawa we can encourage ourselves like this! LOL

Moreover, we went to Kokusai Street and Shuri Castle yesterday!
Walking in Okinawa, we can strongly feel the charms of the town.
Okinawa is so great!!

Schedule of the next Musha Shugyo show will be updated on the special website at any time. Be sure to check it out!

We will continue doing our best to make FANTASTICS known around Japan in the future! Please support us!

Lastly, on our way to Okinawa, Shota and I took some photos in a unique atmosphere on the ferry.

170318 Blog Photo
170318 Blog Photo

Leiya Seguchi