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from Taiki Sato

Today, we held 3 shows at

To keep up with the power of Kansai people,
we went all out on stage!
Of course, there were some good points in our performances.
But honestly, after the performances we still found some parts that we need to improve as a group.
It was a meaningful day for all of us.

I think such experience
will motivate us to make more progress.

Thank you very much
for coming to our shows today.

Photos taken at the venue
will be updated by other members.
Please check them out (^^)

In order to keep up with the power of viewers,
all the FANTASTICS members
will do their best to show a better performances.

Our supporters sent so many individual presents to the dressing room!
Kansai people are so great! LOL

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There are a lot of other things (^^)
We are very grateful to your presents.

The next show... will be held in Kyoto.
We will do our best to present our shows with no regrets.

Taiki Sato