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from Natsuki Sawamoto

The Kobe show of FANTASTICS's Musha Shugyo ended!

Thank you very much for reading our blog.

Many people came to watch our 3 shows, which made us full of gratitude.
There were also some people who came from afar. In order to let more people know about FANTASTICS and come to enjoy FANTASTICS's shows, we will do our best in the future.

Today, I was asked "What have you been obsessed with recently?"
I answered "Watching dance videos", but
I also like collecting denims!
And of course, I really like watching dance videos!

We began to wear new costumes starting from this show.
I think it shows the personality of each member!

170324 Blog Photo

The next show will be held in Kyoto!
3/26 (Sun.)
12:00 - / 14:00 - / 16:00 -
We will hold 3 shows on that day.
*It is an outdoor venue, so the show might be cancelled on the rainy days.

Please come and enjoy our show if you have time!
Please support us.

Thank you very much for sending letters and colored papers.
I read them all carefully.
After reading your letters, I want to make more progress and do my best to present better performances to more people.

I am looking forward to seeing you at the next venue.

Natsuki Sawamoto