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from Leiya Seguchi

The Kobe show of Musha Shugyo ended.

Due to the spring break, many students came to watch our performances today!
Thank you very much!!

Some viewers came to support us with their handmade name boards and some viewers cheered for us and made the atmosphere more exciting. We received a lot of support from viewers and danced happily.
In order to let all viewers enjoy our performance, we will improve our performance skills through Musha Shugyo and present even better performances in the future!!

The next Musha Shugyo show
will be held on 3/26 (Sun.)
on Katsuragawa Stage at AEON MALL KYOTO KATSURAGAWA.
We will hold 3 shows
at 12:00, 14:00 and 16:00!!
Be sure to come if you have time!
We will do our best in the next Musha Shugyo, so let's have fun.

170324 Blog Photo
170324 Blog Photo

Leiya Seguchi