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from Keito Kimura

Thank you very much for coming to watch the Kyoto show of Musha Shugyo!!

Many people came to watch our show despite the rain today, which made me very happy!!!

It was the first time for me to come to Kyoto! LOL
I also went to a shrine and drew a fortune slip. To my surprise, I got the "Great Blessing"!
On the strip of paper, it said "You will win a game." In the future, I will work harder to make more progress and realize my dreams.

Many people stood in the rain and watched our performances. Thank you very much! Be sure to keep warm in order to not catch a cold!!

Lastly, I uploaded photo of the letters, message boards and masks sent by fans and photo with Taiki!

I am reading these letters very carefully!
I am gaining a lot of power from your letters and boards.

I hope you can keep supporting us in the future!!

170326 Blog Photo
170326 Blog Photo

Keito Kimura