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from Natsuki Sawamoto

The Kyoto show of FANTASTICS Musha Shugyo held in Katsuragawa ended!
Thank you very much for coming to watch our performances in the rain!

Moreover, thank you for reading our blog.

There were many people who came to watch our 3 shows. Viewers gave us a lot of cheers which even drowned out the music. We were also extremely excited and I am sure that we have presented a performances which all viewers enjoyed very much!
Especially we 5 new members who is still learning, will carefully find our weak points that need to be improved and make constant progress in the future. Please look forward to our evolution!

170326 Blog Photo
170326 Blog Photo
170326 Blog Photo

Thank you for your letters and message boards.
I am reading them very carefully.
Your messages have all been conveyed to us.
Because of that, we want to do our best to present our performances to more people!
Futhermore, today we received even flowers.
I want to be a man who can look good with the flowers!
My favourite denim was used as the background of this board, which made me very happy! I love denim very much!

170326 Blog Photo

Schedule of the next FANTASTICS Musha Shugyo show will be updated on the special website of FANTASTICS at any time, so please check it out!
I am looking forward to seeing you at the next venue!
Please come if you have time!

Some people got wet in the rain, so please keep warm and have a rest in order to not catch a cold.

Please support us in the future!

Natsuki Sawamoto