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from Keito Kimura

Thank you for your support during the Akita show of Musha Shugyo!!

It was the first time for us to present Musha Shugyo shows in Tohoku area. Viewers in Akita were very enthusiastic, so we were able to dance naturally and happily and did a good performances!!

I have heard that Namahage is very famous in Akita!!
I was afraid of it when I was a child, but I am brave enough now (^^) LOL

As the Musha Shugyo shows are coming to an end, we will do our best in every show. In order to let viewers fully enjoy themselves, we will work harder in the future. Please support us!

The next show will be held tomorrow
at AEON HALL of AEON MALL SHIMODA in Aomori Prefecture.
We will hold 4 shows at 12:00, 14:00, 16:00 and 18:00! Be sure to come if you have time (^^)!!

Because I received letters and message boards this time as well, I could post a photo of them! I am really gaining a lot of power from your words (^^).
In the second photo, Keroppi is riding on a cute stuffed toy of Akita dog in front of Natsuki Hori. LOL

Thank you very much for coming to the Akita show (^^)

170408 Blog Photo
170408 Blog Photo

Keito Kimura