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from Taiki Sato

Today, we held Musha Shugyo shows in "Akita".
It was the first time for us to come to the Tohoku area!

It is seldom to have opportunities to perform in Akita at ordinary times,
so all the members were looking forward to
the Akita shows today.

Altogether we held 4 shows today
and many people came to watch every of our shows.
I found that our shows attracted more male viewers than before.

Apart from female viewers,
we hope male viewers who are of the same gender with us
can also think we are "cool"
and "admirable".
This is one of FANTASTICS's goals.

Of course, we hope the same with regard to female viewers (^^)

Musha Shugyo which started from February 13
is about to come to an end.

All the 7 members will stay sharp
and unite as one to
do our best until the last minute.

Please keep on
supporting us warmly in the future.

We held a pep rally in the evening
on December 29, 2016,
the founding day of FANTASTICS.
Here is a photo taken during the pep rally.

170408 Blog Photo

Although this photo was taken just 4 months ago,
I still feel we were a little bit immature at that time. LOL

Perhaps it is because we become more mature now? LOL

Thank you very much
for coming to watch our shows today.

Photos taken at the venue
will be updated by other members.
Please check them out!

Taiki Sato