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from Taiki Sato

Today is the 2nd day in Tohoku area.
We held 4 shows at AEON MALL SHIMODA, Aomori Prefecture.
There were not only viewers who saw us for the first time, but also a lot of people who had watched our shows for many times. All the people in the venue became one and the atmosphere was really exciting.

Here are some photos taken with viewers who came to watch 2 of our shows today.

170409 Blog Photo
170409 Blog Photo
170409 Blog Photo

Whenever we come to a new place,
viewers always give us different reaction.
And we are learning a lot from it.

The rest of the shows are all in Kanto area.
April 14: Chiba
April 15: Saitama
April 16: Tokyo

Musha Shugyo
comes to its last stage!!
All the members are full of fighting spirit!

Thank you very much
for your support during the 2 days in Tohoku area.

Taiki Sato