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from Leiya Seguchi

Aomori show ended!

People in Aomori were so enthusiastic that I felt very excited while dancing on the stage.

Except our leaders, the rest 5 members had little experience in hosting. That being said, now we feel less nervous when holding a microphone in our hands. We also could see interesting and unexpected sides of each member!
Those are the highlights of our Musha Shugyo. Don't miss it!!

Here is a photo of me taken after the end of the show in which I'm wearing my favorite hoodie!

170409 Blog Photo

Who is this giant guy
standing beside me~?

It is Natchan!

170409 Blog Photo

Natchan was wearing a hoodie from the same brand as mine and took this photo with me! LOL

Our Musha Shugyo is coming to an end and the rest shows are all in Kanto area!
We are filled with fighting spirit!
Be sure to come if you have time!!

170409 Blog Photo
170409 Blog Photo
170409 Blog Photo

Leiya Seguchi