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from Shota Nakao

Thanks for coming to the Chiba show of Musha Shugyo!!
Many people came to see all 4 performances, which made me very happy!! Thanks for your warm support!

Since it was our first Musha Shugyo show in Kanto area, we enjoyed dancing and had a great fun!! I hope we can continue like this at the next two days' shows in Kanto area!

We will continue to hold shows in Kanto area on 4/15 and 4/16 and do our best to bring more energy to viewers in the Saitama show and Tokyo show!

Tomorrow, we will hold shows in Saitama, the hometown of our leader, Taiki!

(South Court) Saitama

Be sure to come if you have time!

Here is a photo we took today.

170414 Blog Photo

Leiya and I took a photo with [Futtsun], the mascot of Futtsu City, Chiba Prefecture.
We three are good friends.

170414 Blog Photo

There are only a few Musha Shugyo shows left. I will do my best to learn as much as possible in these shows and make more progress!!
Please support us!!

Shota Nakao