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from Natsuki Hori

4 Saitama shows of "FANTASTICS Musha Shugyo" ended successfully!
Many people came to our show today. Thanks a lot!

Let's continue where I left off yesterday. Today, I will show you my accessories and sneakers.

170415 Blog Photo

All the accessories I wear today are silver!
However, if I had to say, I actually prefer a gold ones. LOL

In addition, I took a photo with my friend Shota since we got a T-shirts of the same brand from viewers.

170415 Blog Photo

Tomorrow is our final show!
We will hold
3 shows
at Palette Plaza VenusFort in Odaiba
at 13:00, 15:00 and 17:00!

Our Musha Shugyo which started with the shows held in my hometown Aichi Prefecture will welcome its final show tomorrow!

Many viewers came to cheers us in each show. We really appreciate your support!!

The Musha Shugyo shows started from 2/13. In tomorrow's show, I will make full use of the experience and the things I gained and learnt all the way!!

I hope a lot of people will come to our show!!
Be sure to come!!
Please support us!!

Natsuki Hori