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from Keito Kimura

Thank you very much for coming to the Tokyo show of Musha Shugyo (^ ^)

On the last day, viewers were very enthusiastic and we also danced in high spirits. We had a lot of fun!!

Thanks to the support from staff and viewers, Musha Shugyo could end successfully. I want to express my gratitude to all of you!!

I hope I will be able to repay you one day, so I will continue to work hard to become a good man and an excellent performer.

We 7 members are very happy that all of us have done our best till the last show. I love this 7-membered group very much (^ ^)!

Thank you very much for coming to watch FANTASTICS Musha Shugyo!!

Lastly, here are some photos for you. The first photo is the letters and presents that I received. And I took the second photo because I ate the same roe with Taiki. The last photo is taken together with Sekai and Taiki.

170416 Blog Photo
170416 Blog Photo
170416 Blog Photo

In order to come back here again after I become more mature, I will keep working hard in the future. Please support me.

Keito Kimura