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from Shota Nakao

Thank you for coming to the Tokyo show of Musha Shugyo!!
It was truly joyful to see so many viewers came to our show!
I am full of gratitude!!

I feel a bit lonely because all the shows of Musha Shugyo have ended. However, I've learnt a lot. I will make full use of this experience and work harder in the future! After I make more progress, I will come back some day and repay you for sure!!

I also received many letters and birthday gifts this time. Thank you! I will read them carefully!
They make me smile~~

170416 Blog Photo

We received them all~~

170416 Blog Photo

After the show, we took a group photo with the 5 of us!

170416 Blog Photo

Thanks for coming to our Musha Shugyo shows!!
Someday, when I make more progress, I will come back to you! Thank you very much!

Shota Nakao