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from Natsuki Sawamoto

With the last show in Tokyo, all the shows of FANTASTICS Musha Shugyo have ended!
Thank you very much for coming to watch our shows in these days!

Moreover, thanks for reading our blog.

Many viewers came to watch our last show and cheered for us, which made us very happy.
I think we finished FANTASTICS Musha Shugyo successfully.
I will be happy if you went back home in a good mood.

Here is a photo taken in the 3rd show!↓

170416 Blog Photo

Also I am very happy to receive so many
letters and message boards from you.
We gained a lot of power from your heartfelt messages and we hope we presented a good performances with this power!

170416 Blog Photo

FANTASTICS Musha Shugyo started from 2/13 and I can still remember the feeling I had when I stood on the stage of Musha Shugyo for the first time.
Supported by a lot of people I realized that we are really dancing.
And also, I want to express my gratitude to our leaders Sekai and Taiki!
Thanks to them, the group called FANTASTICS was formed.
Instead of being a follower standing behind them, someday I want to step on the stage proudly as a member of FANTASTICS together with them.
I hope I can meet you again in the future! In order to achieve this goal, we will work harder than before!

170416 Blog Photo

Thank you very much for coming to watch FANTASTICS Musha Shugyo!

Please support us in the future!!

Natsuki Sawamoto