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from Natsuki Hori

【Natsuki Hori】2/4/2017

Hello everyone !
This is the performer Natsuki Hori from 【FANTASTICS】!

This time, I will carry out activities as a member of the performance group 【FANTASTICS】!

We, 5 members from EXPG, who joined this group, originally worked hard for our dreams in EXILE GENERATIONS.
At that time, we got the chance to show our achievements to HIRO. After 2 training camps and the HOUSE OF EXILE showcase, held in New York, I was selected as a member of 【FANTASTICS】.

I once danced with the leaders Sekai and Taiki Sato as a backup dancer on live tours and also attended their classes. I interacted with them in the past, so I am very happy that I can dance with them in 【FANTASTICS】!
Thanks to them, I haven't only mastered my dance skills but also I've learned a lot as a person !!

During the Musha Shugyo, as a performers we will try our best, so come and enjoy the performance, you've never seen before. Please support us !!