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from Keito Kimura

【Keito Kimura】2/4/2017

Hello everyone !
This is the performer Keito Kimura from 【FANTASTICS】!

I started dancing when I was in elementary school and entered EXPG in 4th grade. At EXPG, apart from dance lessons, we were also taught manners and how to greet people.

While I gained a lot of experience taking EXPG's lessons and taking part in events, I've got a dream.
I want to become an EXILE TRIBE member and bring smile and happiness to people through my performance.

There were times when I could not participate in some events, which made me feel terrible and frustrated. However, I believe that my dream will surely come true, so I'm doing my best all the time.

When HIRO, Sekai and Taiki told me that we will start the group 【FANTASTICS】 and hold a Musha Shugyo, I was surprised at first and thought it was a dream.

I have always wanted to form a group and hold a Musha Shugyo Tour like my seniors in LDH. I am so happy to get this opportunity !

I will do my best on the Musha Shugyo Tour like my life depends on it, so please support us !