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from Keito Kimura

It's performer Keito Kimura from FANTASTICS!

FANTASTICS was formed
on December 29, 2016,
and started to hold Musha Shugyo from February 13, 2017 with Nagoya as the first stop.
Altogether, we held 50 shows.

We held the Musha Shugyo shows in many places and explored how to present wonderful performances to viewers who knew nothing about us. I really gained precious experience from that.

After that, we also appeared at many events. During these performances, we deepened our bonds and gradually determined our ways as well as set our future goals.

Then, in order to add words to our performances and present better performances, VOCAL BATTLE AUDITION 5 was held to select vocalists for FANTASTICS.

About 30 thousand people applied for VBA5. After different strict auditions, the members discussed for many times and finally decided Yusei Yagi and Sota Nakajima to be the members of FANTASTICS.

After becoming a 9-member group, we can add our vocalists' singing to FANTASTICS' performances and convey our thoughts and ideas to more people. I am really happy about that!

I will work hard in order to let more people know the new FANTASTICS and let FANTASTICS become a group supported by all people regardless of age and gender!

Please keep on supporting us!!