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from Shota Nakao

【Shota Nakao】2/4/2017

Hello everyone !
I'm Shota Nakao, performer of 【FANTASTICS】 from Nagoya City, Aichi Prefecture.

I started dancing when I was 3 years old, and by now, I have tried many different genres.
When I was 10, I started to do the KRUMP dance and got to know Reo Sano from GENERATIONS. From that moment on, I got my dream of becoming a performer which I still have now.
At that time, I was so lucky that I participated in a dance battles and a dance sessions with Reo Sano. And when I saw on TV that Reo, whom I admired a lot, made his debut as a member of GENERATIONS, I began to have a strong desire to make my debut through my favourite dancing and become an artist of LDH !

And then, when EXPG Nagoya School opened, I immediately enrolled and stared to carry out activities as a member of EXILE GENERATIONS.
In the following 5 years, I met the instructors, the staff members and many friends in EXPG. I have not only improved my dance skills, but also built my character.
Thanks to all the people around me, someone like me, who couldn't do anything, can make today's achievements.

As the leaders of 【FANTASTICS】, Sekai and Taiki gave me a lot of encouragement and asked me to participate in tours as a backup dancer.
It has been already 3 years since Sekai and Taiki joined EXILE, and I never gave up my dream and just kept on working hard to catch up with them.
When EXILE HIRO, Sekai and Taiki talked with me about【FANTASTICS】at the end of last year, I was really happy and excited. It was like a dream for me.

We will start the Musha Shugyo soon. With my original intention in mind, I'll just be myself and without losing focus will work hard every day to reach my goal and become LDH artist.

Please support us !