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from Shota Nakao

It's performer Shota Nakao from FANTASTICS!

FANTASTICS was formed on December 29, 2016 and began to carry out activities as a 7-member group from then on!

We had chances to present dance performances only on Musha Shugyo and other varied activities as well as appear as backup dancers on live shows in the past 1 year. While viewing the performances by LDH artists,
I realized that FANTASTICS should deliver novel and inimitable entertainment to more people. Therefore, Sekai, Taiki and the rest of the members discussed with staff and decided to hold "VOCAL BATTLE AUDITION 5" to look for vocalists for FANTASTICS!!

Finally, Yusei Yagi and Sota Nakajima stood out from around 30 thousand participants in the audition.
We participated in the training camp audition as well. We attended classes and lived together for about a week.
They were diligent from beginning to end and were always the first ones to wake up and do self-practice. What's more, they are very charming. Their strong desire of expressing their thoughts through singing overwhelmed the viewers in the final round. So, after discussion, our members and the staff decided to choose them as FANTASTICS' vocalists!!

As a 9-member dance & vocal group, "FANTASTICS" will treasure each member's personality and focus on FANTASTICS' style. The new group will work hard to gain support from more people!!

Moreover, I will stick to my original aspiration and always be grateful. I resolve to be a unique person loved by more people. Please support me!