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from Taiki Sato

It's performer Taiki Sato, FANTASTICS's leader.

After the end of
EXILE presents
two vocalists joined FANTASTICS
as new members.
The performance group FANTASTICS
became a dance & vocal group
with 9 members!!

was held 4 years after the precious one and
about 30 thousand people applied for it.

Among the participants,
we picked

Yusei Yagi and
Sota Nakajima

the two new
"FANTASTICS vocalists"!!

All the performers of FANTASTICS
came to watch
the first and the second round auditions of

In the training camp audition,
I got to know
everyone's personality and skills,
their strategy for clearing the tasks in the training camp
as well as their character
while living with the finalists!!

By the end of
the final audition,
after repeatedly
discussions with
HIRO and many staff,
we encountered
two vocalists whom
"we want to carry out activities with
as FANTASTICS members
for the coming several decades."
And we think
these two excellent vocalists
are perfect for

To honor HIRO
who offered a new challenge for us
by forming the group
staff members
who support us all along and
all the fans who support us,
the 7 performers
had a lot of discussions
and we finally chose

Yusei Yagi and
Sota Nakajima

as our two vocalists by ourselves!!

The two vocalists
are sincere in "singing"
which they love very much.
I saw
their improvement
in every round of the audition.

The most impressive part was
the period of time we spent together in the training camp audition.
Facing daily task and difficulty,
they never gave up
but tried their best.

Most importantly,
they always
let our members and the judges
feel their resolution of
"I want to be one of the FANTASTICS’ vocalists"
till the final audition.

The two vocalists and
all the performers
are not mature enough
and we finally reached the starting line.
Now we are now ready for
starting the real game!

The vocalists will practice singing seriously
while the performers
will practice dancing wholeheartedly.
In order to
perform in front of you
as an upgraded "FANTASTICS"
as soon as possible,
all the 9 members will work together to
improve our skills!!

To become a group
that is still loved by a lot of people
after several decades to come,
I will go all out to work hard!!

In the end,
I would like to thank
the 30 thousand people
who applied for
I am really grateful
for those who
inspired our desire
to create
during the audition.

All our members
will pursue
better performance
with the faith of participants
who lost
in the audition!!

please support us enthusiastically
in the future!!