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from Taiki Sato

With Sekai and I serving as the leaders,
the performance group "FANTASTICS"
has been formed by us and 5 outstanding students from EXPG
who were selected through audition.
These students are Natsuki Sawamoto,
Leiya Seguchi,
Shota Nakao,
Natsuki Hori,
and Keito Kimura !!

And from February 13,
we 7 members will start our "Musha Shugyo"
which is considered as the gateway to success for LDH artists !!

Because all the members of FANTASTICS are performers,
we will carry out the "Musha Shugyo with only dance performances"
which is a new challenge for us !

We are now trying to search for the
music and performances with the style of FANTASTICS every day !

No matter you have watched our performances or not,
we will spare no effort
to create wonderful performances
which can be enjoyed
by all of you !

Please come to enjoy
"FANTASTICS's Musha Shugyo" !!

Please give us your
warm support as well !!!!

Taiki Sato