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from Natsuki Sawamoto

It's Natsuki Sawamoto,
a performer from FANTASTICS!

This time, about 30 thousand people
participated in
which was held to select vocalists for FANTASTICS!

We watched VBA5 from the first round audition and learned a lot.
I also participated in the training camp audition which is a tradition of VBA
and lived with those participants.
We deepened our bonds and relations as well as trained our body and mind together.
I could even feel the participants' enthusiasm and their personalities directly!
After the final round audition,
the members had a discussion and decided to choose
Yusei Yagi and
Sota Nakajima
as the vocalists of FANTASTICS!

FANTASTICS used to be a performer group.
After our Musha Shugyo, we realized the importance of words!
We want to expand the possibilities of FANTASTICS' entertainment
and convey our thoughts and ideas to more people!

After the 2 vocalists joined us,
will still keep the spirit of "performance group" in mind!
Along with our vocalists' words and singing,
we will present
more and better entertainment
in brand new ways
as "dance & vocal group FANTASTICS"!

I will always be grateful to our supporters
and make more progress as a member of the new FANTASTICS!
I hope our performances could bring more happiness to you!
Therefore, I will work hard to do my best in the future!

Please keep on supporting us!

FANTASTICS Natsuki Sawamoto