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from Leiya Seguchi

【Leiya Seguchi】2/4/2017

Hello everyone !
This is the performer Leiya Seguchi from 【FANTASTICS】!

I started dancing seriously in EXPG Fukuoka School. Then, to fulfill my dream, I came to Tokyo and started carrying out activities as a member of EXILE GENERATIONS. When we were performing as a backup dancers on EX SHOW and senior's tours, we were doing it in earnest, and by that created the chance for HIRO to see our performance.
Through such experiences, we were able to dance in "HOUSE OF EXILE" showcase, which was held in New York. Sekai and Taiki also watched our performance there !

At the end of last year, HIRO told me that I could join 【FANTASTICS】!!
After hearing his words, I was so excited that I totally lost my mind. It was like a dream...
From that point, the talks about Musha Shugyo progressed at a tremendous speed. While not understanding the situation well, I felt like one of my dreams came true.
However, it was only a passing point, and I feel that I am finally standing at the starting line.

Since I came to Tokyo, I experience many hardships in my life. But I tell myself every day that it is not wrong to continue striving for our dreams by trial and error.

I will never forget my original intention, and from now on I will go all out in Musha Shugyo to show my individuality and accumulate experience. I hope that I could become a great performer of LDH like my seniors !!

In the future I want to take on various challenges and create new entertainment !
I am still inexperienced, but I will work hard. So please support us !!