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from Sekai

Thank you for your continued support!!
It is FANTASTICS's leader and performer Sekai!

I am grateful that
And I am really full of gratitude to all the fans who supported us warmly to the end!

And finally, the vocalists of FANTASTICS were decided!!!
Our members had a talk. And we also discussed various issues and consulted with HIRO and all the staff.

The vocalists were decided naturally in the process of exchanging members' personal thoughts and ideas!

I strongly feel that I am able to live a wonderful life because I went through an audition and encountered the EXILE members!!

We have found new power in the VOCAL BATTLE AUDITION which has a rich history, and we were able to find partners who will make further leaps and pursue dreams together with us!!


got two vocalists!!!

One is

Yusei Yagi

and the other one is

Sota Nakajima!

The two vocalists left a deep impression on me when I first saw them singing in the audition!

Getting to know their personalities and listening to their singing, I became a fan of them and wanted to cheer for them!!!!
That is what I thought!

In the training camp, I was able to see various things by spending our days together.
When I was talking about my feelings during the training camp, about our members and seniors from EXILE, vocalists who participated in the audition and of course our fans, various emotions came up and tears welled up in my eyes.
As a leader, now I wish I could be stronger at that time.

When we had discussions with our members during the training camp, different opinions were expressed.
It was very valuable experience that we were able to grow as a team.
The life of everyone who participated in the training camp might change. It was an event that changed our lives as well, so I will never forget those days.

I am really happy to be able to find partners together with whom I will spend the next 10 years, 20 years or even a lifetime after the training camp!!

Because Taiki and I are also EXILE members, I hope to make FANTASTICS more popular so that EXILE could shine even more!

I think there will certainly be many difficulties and barriers in the future, but I believe that all the FANTASTICS members will overcome them together!!
as a member of FANTASTICS,
I will keep the EXILE pride in my heart and move forward with all our members.

Together with people who have been supporting us all along and with those who will support us in future we will aim at becoming a group that you will want to support forever. We will always be grateful to our seniors and respect them for paving the way for us. The 9 FANTASTICS members will do our best to express our gratitude and respect for them in our performance!!!

Please look forward to FANTASTICS's activities!!!

Thank you so much for your continued warm support!