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An event presented by
Yaesu Book Center × TACHIBANA BOOKSTORE will be held soon!!

Kenchi Tachibana, the owner of "TACHIBANA BOOKSTORE" who is interested in books and culture related to books, will hold an event at a real bookstore for a limited period of time. In an artistic space created based on Kenchi Tachibana's vision, books selected by Kenchi himself and awesome books you have recommended will be displayed. Moreover, tote bags will also be sold there.
Be sure to stop by and take a look!


Special event space, 8F, Yaesu Book Center Main Store
2-5-1 Yaesu, Chuo-ku, Tokyo

Event Schedule

1/30/2018 (Tue.) ~ 2/11/2018 (Sun.)
Weekdays: 10:00 ~ 21:00
Weekends and holidays: 10:00 ~ 20:00
*A handover event will be held on 2/3 (Sat.) only and the venue will close at 16:00 on that day.

A handover event for Kenchi Tachibana's
will be held!!

Schedule of the handover event

2/3/2018 (Sat.) 17:00~

Application Period

1/6/2018 (Sat.) 12:00 ~ 1/19/2018 (Fri.) 23:59

How to apply

"Kenchi Tachibana's Handover Event Site" will open on the event page of Yaesu Book Center from 12:00 on 1/6/2018 (Sat.). Please visit the website and apply by email.

*We will choose the participants via lottery from those who send emails.