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The books you recommended

  • 05/24/2018
    "Michi wo Hiraku"
    Written by: Konosuke Matsushita / Published by: PHP Institute
    This book which was published a long time ago contains Konosuke Matsushita's…

  • 05/23/2018
    "Boku to Kimi no Hankei ni dake Todoku Mahou"
    Written by: Takafumi Nanatsuki / Published by: Gentosha
    It is a love story that starts with the encounter between a girl with…

  • 05/23/2018
    "Matinee no Owari ni"
    Written by: Keiichiro Hirano / Published by: Mainichi Shimbun Publishing
    It is a love story which shows the love relation between Agence…

  • 05/22/2018
    "Romeo and Juliet"
    Written by: Shakespeare / Translated by: Yoshio Nakano / Published by: SHINCHO BUNKO
    It is a famous tragic love story. From their encounter to the sad ending,…

  • 05/22/2018
    "Sakura no you na Boku no Koibito"
    Written by: Keisuke Uyama / Published by: Shueisha
    In a beauty salon Haruto entered by chance, he falls in love with Misaki.…

  • 05/21/2018
    "Oishisou na Shirokuma"
    Written and illustrated by: Keiko Shibata / Published by: PHP Institute
    What will happen if a polar bear sits in the middle of its favorite food??…

  • 05/21/2018
    "SLAM DUNK Shourigaku"
    Written by: Shuichi Tsuji / Published by: SHUEISHA INTERNATIONAL
    Sports doctor Shuichi Tsuji is famous for mental training. He teaches mental…

  • 05/20/2018
    "Hollow Cross"
    Written by: Keigo Higashino / Published by: Kobunsha
    What is the death penalty? This book shows us a man's thoughts about death…

  • 05/20/2018
    "Tokyo 23 Wa"
    Written by: Mariko Yamauchi / Published by: poplar publishing
    The story is told by 23 districts of Tokyo in the first person and goes like…

  • 05/19/2018
    "Koguma's cake shop"
    Written by: Kamentotsu / Published by: SHOGAKUKAN
    One day, a guest visits the cake shop and pays with a 100 yen coin. After…

  • 05/18/2018
    Shii Chan
    Written by: Mizuki Tsujimura / Published by: POPLAR PUBLISHING
    The girl iced out at school finds that a mirror in her house starts shining…

  • 05/16/2018
    Written by: Steve Jenkins & Derek Walter / Translated by: Hiroshi Takami / Published by: Asukashinsha
    I love animals, so the adorable pig on the cover aroused my interest at…

  • 05/12/2018
    "Tatoheba Kimi 40 Nen no Koiuta"
    Written by: Yuko Kawano & Kazuhiro Nagata / Published by: Bungeishunju
    It is a collection of somonka (romantic exchange songs between lovers)…

  • 05/12/2018
    "'Fukai Ai ni Kizuku' Josei no Tame no Healing"
    Written by: Junko Niwa / Illustration by: macco / Published by: Lotus8
    The author of this book is a single mother who lives a slow life in…

  • 05/11/2018
    "Shunpatsuryoku no Takamekata"
    Written by: CRAZY CHALLENGER JOE / Published by: sanctuary publishing
    The attitude of challenging whatever you want is wonderful. The…

  • 05/10/2018
    "Inu no Hi"
    Written by: So Kurakari / Published by: ADOKAWA CORPORATION
    I'd like to recommend this book to pet keepers and animal lovers.…

  • 05/10/2018
    Written by: Seiko Ito & Gainen Hoshino / Published by: Little More
    Speaking of "psychiatry", most people don't know much about it.…

  • 05/09/2018
    "1 Nen 1 Kumi no 1 Nichi"
    Written by: Toshio Kawashima / Published by: ALICE Kan
    It is a picture book which depicts wonderful time at a classroom…

  • 05/09/2018
    "Otousan kara no Tegami"
    Original: Masahiko Sasaki / Written by: Noriko Sasaki / Illustrated by: Satoko Watanabe / Published by: BUNGEISHA
    This work is written by Noriko Sasaki based on the original work…

  • 05/08/2018
    "Fukanou to wa, Kanousei da Paralympics Kin Medalist Nitta Yoshihiro no Chousen"
    Written by: Eriko Sasai / Published by: Kinnohoshi
    This book coveys ideas of sportsman Nitta who won gold and silver…

  • 05/08/2018
    "Oscar and the Lady in Pink "
    Written by: Eric-Emmanuel Schmitt / Original author: Eric-Emmanuel Schmitt / Translated by: Yumi Sakata / Published by: PHP Institute
    The 10-year-old boy Oscar has 12 days to live. Disillusioned with…

  • 05/08/2018
    "The Tiger Prince"
    Written by: Chen Jiang Hong / Translated by: Atsushi Hiraoka / Published by: Tokuma Shoten
    To calm the rage of the tigress, mankind sends the prince to the forest where…

  • 05/06/2018
    "Kotoba wa Genjitsuka suru - Jinsei wa, Tatta 'Hitokoto' kara Ugokihajimeru"
    Written by: Shigehisa Nagamatsu / Published by: Kizuna Publishing
    "What you say every day determines your life." This sentence surprised me.…

  • 05/06/2018
    "The Rose That Grew From Concrete"
    Written by: Tupac Amaru Shakur / Original author: Tupac Amaru Shakur / Translated by: Hiroko Onogi / Published by: Kawade Shobo Shinsha
    This book is a poetry collection by the famous rapper 2PAC. It is a shame…

  • 05/05/2018
    "Ikimono no Jinsei Soudanshitsu Doubutsutachi ni Manabu 47 no Ikikata Tetsugaku"
    Written by: Yuriko Kobayashi / Supervised by: Tadaaki Imaizumi / Illustrated by: Saki Obata / Published by: Yama-kei Publishers
    I first saw this book by chance in a commercial of a newspaper. It is about…

  • 05/05/2018
    Written by: Takehiko Inoue / Published by: Switch Publishing
    "Isn't it the most important thing that we have a place to go in the hour…

  • 05/04/2018
    "Yowamushi Nikki"
    Written by: Shin Adachi / Published by: Kodansha
    Shun hangs out with Ryuzo who is strong enough to protect him. Then Shun's…

  • 05/04/2018
    Doko ka de vivo cantabile
    "The Miracle Worker"
    Written by: Maha Harada / Published by: Futabasha
    Books have been fate itself for me lately. I became interested in the book…

  • 05/03/2018
    Gyouza Taiin
    "Watashi no Yume made, Ai ni Kite Kureta 3.11 Nakihito to no Sorekara"
    Written by: Kiyoshi Kanebishi / Published by: Asahi Shimbun Publications
    Time is irreversible. We only live once. People who died in the earthquake…

  • 05/03/2018
    "Ichinichi Edo Hito"
    Written by: Hinako Sugiura / Published by: SHINCHO BUNKO
    This book is also regarded as "A practical and meaningful guidebook…

  • 05/02/2018
    "Sayonara, Monsieur"
    Written by: Sho Kataoka / Cover illustration by: Taiyo Matsumoto / Published by: SHOGAKUKAN
    The koala toy "Monsieur" made by Seitaro's mother is a magical…

  • 05/01/2018
    "Daiji na Koto hodo Kogoe de Sasayaku"
    Written by: Akio Morisawa / Published by: Gentosha
    Gon-mama is a bald, muscular transvestite over 2 meters tall.…

  • 04/30/2018
    "The Sense of Wonder"
    Written by: Rachel L. Carson / Original: Rachel L. Carson / Translated by: Keiko Kamito / Published by: SHINCHOSHA
    In this book, Rachel L. Carson defined "The Sense of Wonder" as…

  • 04/29/2018
    "Yakuyoke Shishuu"
    Written by: Masuji Ibuse / Published by: KODANSHA
    This is a well-known poem collection by the famous essayist and…

  • 04/28/2018
    Written by: Keiichiro Hirano / Published by: SHINCHO BUNKO
    The ideas and secrets of composer Chopin and people around him…

  • 04/27/2018
    Shuichi Kitao
    "Death Is Nothing at All "
    Written by: Henry Scott Holland / Illustrated by: Kazue Takahashi / Published by: Natsuhasha
    This is a 120-page book with the Japanese version of a 42-line…

  • 04/26/2018
    "Hatsu Monogatari"
    Written by: Miyuki Miyabe / Published by: SHINCHO BUNKO
    Since my job is related to health care and welfare for elderly…

  • 04/25/2018
    "Moji wo Tsukuru Shigoto"
    Written by: Osamu Torinoumi / Published by: Shobunsha
    To read books is to read characters in books. However, not…

  • 04/24/2018
    "Hirao Seiji Hito wo Furuitataseru Leader no Chikara"
    Edited by: MAGAZINE HOUSE / Published by: MAGAZINE HOUSE
    If you ask me what my favorite sport is, I will answer with…

  • 04/23/2018
    Dappi Ebi
    "Sekai de Ichiban Mazushii Daitouryou no Speech"
    Edited by: Yoshimi Kusaba / Illustrated by: Manabu Nakagawa / Published by: CHOUBUNSHA
    It is a picture book based on a speech delivered by Mr. Mujica…

  • 04/21/2018
    Written by: SUSAN PRICE / Translated by: Mizuhito Kanehara / Published by: THOUSANDS OF BOOKS
    Darkness... Coldness... The story happens in a remote north…

  • 04/20/2018
    "Yasashi Shinigami no Kaikata"
    Written by: Mikito Chinen / Published by: Kobunsha
    The main character "Death God" (without name) who calls…

  • 04/16/2018
    Written by: Kentaro Hagiwara / Published by: SPACE SHOWER NETWORKS INC.
    There is a kind of chairs called "masterpiece chairs"…

  • 04/14/2018
    Written by: Makoto Komori / Published by: Kyouiku Gageki
    This is a book I often read to my son when he was…

  • 04/09/2018
    "Kirei na Iro to Kotoba"
    Written by: Yuko Onari / Published by: DAIWASHOBO
    This book is packed with stories about colors…

  • 04/06/2018
    Written by: Tom Mitchell / Translated by: Seiko Yazawa / Published by: HarperCollins Japan
    A large number of penguins died due to a heavy oil…

  • 03/31/2018
    "Randoku no Serendipity"
    Written by: Shigehiko Toyama / Published by: FUSOSHA
    Driven by the idea that "How can I read many books?"…

  • 03/30/2018
    "Shirokuma no Koto Dake wa Kangaeru na!"
    Written by: Rie Ueki / Published by: SHINCHOSHA
    The title of this book caught my eye when I browsed…

  • 03/29/2018
    "The Desire of the Hedgehog"
    Written by: Toon Tellegen / Original: Toon Tellegen / Translated by: Saki Nagayama / Published by: SHINCHOSHA
    A hedgehog hates his prickles and cannot get along…

  • 03/28/2018
    Eriko Furukawa
    Written by: Eleanor H. Porter / Translated by: Hanako Muraoka / Published by: Kadokawa Shoten
    I have liked reading since I was young and my love…

  • 03/27/2018
    "GOTH Yoru no Shou"
    Written by: Otsuichi / Published by: KADOKAWA CORPORATION
    Since this book is written by Otsuichi, it has some…

  • 03/25/2018
    "Kuchibue Bancho"
    Written by: Kiyoshi Shigematsu / Published by: SHINCHOSHA
    This book conveys a strong message about friendship!…

  • 03/23/2018
    "The Remains of the Day"
    Written by: Kazuo Ishiguro / Original: Kazuo Ishiguro / Translated by: Masao Tsuchiya / Published by: Hayakawa Shobo
    The story is told in the form of a diary by Stevens…

  • 03/16/2018
    stand by me
    "Sakka to Tanoshimu Koten Kojiki, Nihon Ryouiki, Hosshinshuu, Taketori Monogatari, Uji Shuui Monogatari, Hyakunin Isshu"
    Written by: Natsuki Ikezawa, Hiromi Ito, Tomihiko Morimi, Ko Machida, Masayo Koike / Published by: KAWADE SHOBO SHINSHA
    I suppose people may think this books as a classic…

  • 03/14/2018
    "Man's Searching for Meaning: An Introduction to Logotherapy"
    Written by: Viktor Emil Frankl / Translated by: Tokuji Shimoyama / Published by: Misuzu Shobo
    This is a masterpiece by the Jewish psychologist…

  • 03/12/2018
    "Atarimae no Zehitaku."
    Written by: Shouta Kikuchi / Published by: Gentosha
    This book is written by cartoonist Shouta Kikuchi…

  • 03/09/2018
    "Meet the Boneheads"
    Written by: Fujio Akatsuka / Published by: Takeshobo
    As the first-ever manga centering on an "insane"…

  • 03/08/2018
    "Children Learn What They Live"
    Written by: Dorothy Law Nolte / Original work: Rachael Harris / Translated by: Chiharu Ishii / Published by: PHP Institute
    I think everyone knows that "There is no standard…

  • 03/07/2018
    Ryota Aoki
    "Serve to Win: The 14-Day Gluten-Free Plan for Physical and Mental Excellence"
    Written by: Novak Djokovic / Published by: Sangokan
    I am a potter and make craft works with my body…

  • 03/06/2018
    Written by: Bin Konno / Published by: SHUEISHA
    With the abolishment of domains and creation of…

  • 03/05/2018
    "How to Win Friends and Influence People"
    Written by: Dale Carnegie / Translated by: Hiroshi Yamaguchi / Published by: SOGENSHA
    Although the original book was written in 1936…

  • 03/03/2018
    "Ode wa Natsuhiko"
    Written by: Yasuhiro Sakashita / Published by: Oakla Publishing
    It is a photo book of a French bulldog family…

  • 03/02/2018
    "Imamori Mitsuhiko no Kokochiii Satoyama Kurashi 12 Kagetsu"
    Written by: Mitsuhiko Imamori / Published by: SEKAIBUNKA PUBLISHING
    I went to see Mr. Imamori's exhibition "Living with…

  • 02/24/2018
    Written by: Robert Harris / Published by: Kodansha
    It is an autobiography of Robert Harris who has rich…

  • 02/23/2018
    "Tecchan Kenchan to Yukidaruma"
    Written and drawn by: Taeko Okuyama / Punished by: Fukuinkan Shoten Publishers
    It is a book that my daughter asked me to read to…

  • 02/22/2018
    "Panda Bathhouse"
    Written by: tupera tupera / Published by: EHONKAN
    "Pandas have a secret which is hidden in the panda…

  • 02/21/2018
    "Under the Sun and Stars"
    Written by: Maha Harada / Published by: Bungeishunju
    Though our generation has not experienced war, I read…

  • 02/20/2018
    "Mono Kuu Hitobito"
    Written by: Yo Hemmi / Published by: KADOKAWA CORPORATION
    [Overview] In Bangladesh, former Yugoslavia, Somalia,…

  • 02/19/2018
    "chinohate-kara (Volume 1)"
    Written by: Asa Nonami / Published by: Kodansha
    No matter what, you should survive and keep on living…

  • 02/18/2018
    "Boku ga Koishita Nihoncha no Koto"
    Written by: Oscar Brekell / Published by: Komakusa Publishing
    The author is Oscar Brekell who was born in Sweden…

  • 02/17/2018
    "Realm of the Dead / Triumphant March into Port Arthur"
    Written by: Hyakken Uchida / Published by: Iwanami Shoten
    These are excellent short story collections of the…

  • 02/16/2018
    "Three Days of Happiness"
    Written by: Sugaru Miaki / Published by: KADOKAWA CORPORATION
    "How much is your life worth?" What will be your…

  • 02/15/2018
    "Little Boy Little Girl"
    Written by: Makiko Uchidate / Published by: Kodansha
    "This time, I want to recommend a novel about war…

  • 02/13/2018
    "Yoshinokita Koukou Tosho Iinkai"
    Written by: Machiko Kyo / Original: Nagisa Yamamoto / Published by: KADOKAWA CORPORATION
    High school sophomore Kazura is a student librarian…

  • 02/10/2018
    "Wise Woman Is a Good Cook"
    Written by: Yoko Kirishima / Published by: Bunshun Bunko
    "This is an essay collection by Karen Kirishima's…

  • 02/07/2018
    "Ikiru Bokura"
    Written by: Maha Harada / Published by: Tokuma Shoten
    This book is about a shut-in woman who goes…

  • 02/05/2018
    "You Are Special"
    Written by: MAX LUCADO / Illustrated by: Sergio Martinez / Translated by: Holbird, Toyoko / Published by: Word of Life Press Ministries
    This is a picture book that my teacher read to…

  • 02/03/2018
    "Tanoshimeteru ka. ~ Shonan Bellmare 2016 Front no Tatakai~"
    Written by: Naohito Mizutani & Tatsu Ikeda / Published by: SANNO Institute of Management Publication Dept.
    Shonan Bellmare is a small professional football…

  • 01/31/2018
    Hiroshi Doiji
    Written by: Kurt Vonnegut/ Translated by: Toh EnJoe / Published by: Asukashinsha
    Last year, when I celebrated my 40th birthday…

  • 01/22/2018
    "Great Short Stories of Detection 2"
    Written by: Maurice Leblanc / Edited by: Rampo Edogawa / Published by: TOKYO SOGENSHA
    Some people may wonder: Why the second book?…

  • 01/20/2018
    "Sun Pasta, Bean Soup"
    Written by: Natsu Miyashita / Published by: Shueisha Bunko
    This book will help you to come to like yourself…

  • 01/18/2018
    "Bridget Jones's Diary"
    Written by: Helen Fielding / Translated by: Yoshiko Kamei / Published by: KADOKAWA CORPORATION
    This novel was adapted into a movie starring…

  • 01/16/2018
    Written by: Kotaro Sawaki / Published by: SHINCHOSHA Bunko
    This nonfiction is written by Kotaro Sawaki…

  • 01/14/2018
    "The Greatest Miracle in the World"
    Written by: Og Mandino / Original author: Og Mandino / Translated by: Yasuhiko Suga / Published by: PHP Institute *Currently available only as an e-book.
    I want you to read this book when you feel…

  • 01/12/2018
    "Momo no Kanzume"
    Written by: Momoko Sakura / Published by: Shueisha Bunko
    It is an essay collection by manga artist…

  • 01/10/2018
    "soul mate"
    Written by: Seishu Hase / Published by: Shueisha Bunko
    This omnibus contains several stories happened…

  • 01/08/2018
    "Story Seller"
    Written by: Hiro Arikawa / Published by: SHINCHOSHA
    This book by Hiro Arikawa consists of side A…

  • 01/06/2018
    "The Book of Five Rings"
    Written by: Miyamoto Musashi / Collated and annotated by: Ichiro Watanabe / Published by: Iwanami Shoten
    Most likely, this book is not written…

  • 01/04/2018
    "Atagoal Tamatebako"
    Written by: Hiroshi Masumura / Published by: KAISEI-SHA
    It is a story of a mysterious world…

  • 01/02/2018
    "Sora no Jiten"
    Written by: Toshiya Ogawa / Published by: Raichosha
    "There is a blue sky. Sometimes only…

  • 12/31/2017
    "Hyakunin Isshu"
    Waka (Japanese poetry) arranged in the…

  • 12/27/2017
    Yuko Mohri
    "Marcel Duchamp"
    Written by: Calvin Tomkins / Translated by: Tetsuo Kinoshita / Published by: Misuzu Shobo
    I am active in the field of modern art…

  • 12/26/2017
    "Lessons from Madame Chic"
    Written by: Jennifer L. Scott / Translated by: Akiko Kanzaki / Published by: DAIWASHOBO
    As a best seller, this essay depicts the…

  • 12/23/2017
    "Rainbow-Colored Chalks: Miracle in a Town Factory that Realizes Happiness at Work"
    Written by: Narumi Komatsu
    It is a non-fiction book about a company…

  • 12/13/2017
    "17 Things to Do in Your 20s"
    Written by: Ken Honda / Published by: DAIWASHOBO
    I love the smell in bookstores. I become…

  • 12/11/2017
    "Sangenjaya Planetarium"
    Written by: Ryuto Shibazaki / Published by: Kodansha
    A planetarium is secretly operated at a corner of a building…

  • 12/09/2017
    "Arigato / Thank You"
    Written by: Junichi Kinoshita / Publisher: KODANSHA LTD.
    Although it is fiction, this book carefully depicts the…

  • 12/07/2017
    Written by: Omar Khayyam / Translated by: Ryo Ogawa / Published by: Iwanami Shoten
    Omar Khayyam is a Persian scholar who lived in…

  • 12/05/2017
    "Mouse Tales"
    Written and drawn by: Arnold Lobel / Translated by: Taku Miki / Publisher: BUNKA PUBLISHING BUREAU
    Seven little mice who do not want to sleep…

  • 11/30/2017
    "Gon, the Little Fox"
    Written by: Nankichi Niimi
    It is a well-known picture book by…

  • 11/28/2017
    "Points & Lines"
    Written by: Seicho Matsumoto
    This book is a representative work of the great…

  • 11/26/2017
    "Kusuriyubi no Hyohon"
    Written by: Yoko Ogawa
    A tranquil worldview, detailed description…

  • 11/23/2017
    Tomoyuki Otsuka
    Written by: So Kuramoto
    It happened when I was a middle school…

  • 11/21/2017
    "It might be an apple"
    Written by: Shinsuke Yoshitake
    I hope adults will also read this picture…

  • 11/19/2017
    Written by: Shinya Tanaka
    This book includes essays on life…

  • 11/16/2017
    Written by: Mayumi Takeda
    I knew this book because I watched…

  • 11/13/2017
    Written by: Yasushi Inoue
    Every summer when I open this book…

  • 11/11/2017
    "The Fall of Freddie the Leaf"
    Written by: Leo Buscaglia / Drawn by: Mitsuo Shimada / Translated by: Nana Mirai
    Haruka, thank you for recommending this book to…

  • 11/09/2017
    "Joou wa Kaeranai"
    Written by: Ten Furuta / Publisher: TAKARAJIMASHA, Inc.
    I think it is not a suitable novel to recommend to KENCHI…

  • 10/29/2017
    "An Encouragement of Learning (translated into modern language)"
    Written by: Yukichi Fukuzawa / Translated by: Takashi Saito
    I think many people know the sentence "The heaven…

  • 10/28/2017
    Kaoru Takeuchi
    "Night on the Galactic Railroad"
    Written by: Kenji Miyazawa
    There are many interesting expressions in…

  • 10/27/2017
    "Arekore Tamago"
    Written by: Miyuki Toriyama / Drawn by: Naka no Ji
    Egg is a miraculous food material which can be made…

  • 10/25/2017
    "Hankyu Railway"
    Written by: Hiro Arikawa
    People in Kanto may be unfamiliar with "Hankyu Railway"…

  • 10/23/2017
    "Bokura Series"
    Written by: Osamu Soda
    Osamu Soda's "Bokura Series", which was once adapted…

  • 10/13/2017
    "The missing piece"
    Written by: Shel Silverstein / Published by: Kodansha
    It is a picture book that I always have at hand…

  • 10/11/2017
    Written by: Takafumi Horie / Publisher: Gentosha
    I took this book written by Takafumi Horie by chance…

  • 10/09/2017
    "When you are at, it is raining all the time."
    Written by: Yusuke Yamada / Publisher: BUNGEISHA CO., LTD.
    This book is written by Yusuke Yamada. One day…

  • 10/07/2017
    "Fair, then Partly Piggy"
    Written and drawn by: Shiro Yadama / Publisher: Iwasaki Publishing Co., Ltd.
    It is fun how the things elementary school boy writes in his fictional diary…

  • 10/05/2017
    "The Most Valuable Companies of Japan"
    Koji Sakamoto
    It is a series of business books with 5 books published up till now…

  • 10/03/2017
    "Kaisho Shosetsu"
    Keigo Higashino
    This short story collection is the masterpiece of renowned mystery writer Keigo Higashino…

  • 10/01/2017
    "Sudsy Mom's washing spree"
    Written and drawn by: Wakiko Sato
    This book is about a hardworking mother who likes washing clothes!…

  • 09/29/2017
    "A Perfect Day for Kangaroos"
    Written by: Haruki Murakami
    This book is written by Haruki Murakami. It was the…

  • 09/27/2017
    Written by: Kanae Minato
    This book is written by Kanae Minato. I recommend…

  • 09/23/2017
    Makoto Tanijiri
    "Transcendence of Ginga Estate Agency"
    Written by: Hiroshi Mori
    I cried though I don't know why. I shed tears…

  • 09/19/2017
    "Masa and Gen"
    Written by: Shion Miura / Published by: SHUEISHA
    This is a fiction written by Shion Miura. It depicts the…

  • 09/17/2017
    "Run Run wo Katte Ouchi ni Kaero"
    Written by: Mariko Hayashi / Published by: KADOKAWA BUNKO
    This author was very popular during the period of…

  • 09/15/2017
    "Saku Rara Familia"
    Written by: Tsukiko Ochi / Published by: Gentosha
    It is a family story by Tsukiko Ochi. A mother of 4…

  • 09/13/2017
    "Un jour, un chien"
    Written by: Gabrielle Vincent / Published by: BL Shuppan
    The story is gradually unfolded through sketch-like pictures…

  • 09/11/2017
    "Tsubasa yo Tsubasa"
    Written by: Jiro Asada / Published by: Shueisha Bunko
    It is a collection of essays about Jiro Asada's trips which were…

  • 09/09/2017
    "30 ballads in one book"
    Written by: Yoshio Kataoka
    It is a short novel featuring desultory stories between men and women…

  • 09/07/2017
    "Love Chemistry"
    Written by: Yoshihisa Kita
    This book written by Yoshihisa Kita won KONOMYS Award…

  • 09/06/2017
    Tomoyuki Torisu
    "Sentimental Journey / Winter Journey"
    Written by: Nobuyoshi Araki
    During high school, I was addicted to taking pictures…

  • 09/04/2017
    Yu Orai
    Written by: Kotaro Isaka
    I could not build relationships well in the past…

  • 08/29/2017
    Ian Luna
    Written by: Sebastiao Salgado
    It is not my favorite. However, it contains significant…

  • 08/27/2017
    "Ame no Kuni"
    Author: Hideaki Sato
    It is a photo album of Mr. Hideaki Sato who gathered…

  • 08/25/2017
    "Choyaku Nietzsche no Kotoba"
    Written by: Friedrich Nietzsche / Translated by: Haruhiko Shiratori
    This book provides a selection of inspirational quotes from many…

  • 08/24/2017
    Gainen Hoshino
    "Hippocampus / Your brain never tires"
    Written by: Yuji Ikegaya, Shigesato Itoi / Published by: Asahi Press
    I would like to recommend you a book. Trouble itself is…

  • 08/23/2017
    "Challenge: My Autobiography"
    Written by: Toshifumi Suzuki
    This book is written by Toshifumi Suzuki who is the founder of 7-Eleven…

  • 08/21/2017
    Written by: Tomoko Yamashita
    I want to recommend Tomoko Yamashita's "BUTTER!!!"…

  • 08/19/2017
    Tamaki Chisaoru
    "Busou Shimada Souko"
    Written by: Makoto Shiina
    This book saved me during my postpartum depression…

  • 08/17/2017
    "Wonderful Bookstores of the World"
    Written by: Reina Shimizu, Kay Ohara / Compiled by: X-Knowledge
    In addition to a lot of beautiful pictures of bookstores…

  • 08/16/2017
    Naoki Kobayashi
    "Otoko no Sahou"
    Written by: Shotaro Ikenami
    Different times and environments have created different ways of life…

  • 08/15/2017
    "Akirameru Chikara"
    Written by: Dai Tamesue
    I am a track and field athlete and I admire Dai Tamesue…

  • 08/13/2017
    "Edo Kiriezu Sampo"
    Written by: Shotaro Ikenami
    It is a book introducing landmarks of Edo…

  • 08/11/2017
    Mouichido Seishun
    "Yume Maki"
    Written by: Masatomo Tamaru
    "Glass Bead", the first story in "Yume Maki"…

  • 08/08/2017
    "Guri and Gura"
    Written by: Rieko Nakagawa / Illustrated by: Yuriko Omura
    Two rats Guri and Gura find a huge egg…

  • 08/07/2017
    "Jinsei no Mokuteki"
    Written by: Hiroyuki Itsuki
    I read books to broaden my horizons. People…

  • 08/06/2017
    "THE NOVEL CURE: An A to Z of Literary Remedies"
    Written by: Ella Berthoud, Susan Elderkin / Translated by: Mizuhito Kanehara
    "Since long before, I have been using novels to cure myself like…

  • 08/05/2017
    Photo Book "Moonlight Blue: BLUE PLANET" published by SHOGAKUKAN
    Written by: Kenji Ishikawa
    I like the moon. After work I always look up at the night sky…

  • 08/04/2017
    "The House of Small Cubes"
    Written by: Kenya Hirata / Illustrated by: Kunio Kato
    〔Story〕The sea level gradually rises in the town. All dwellers…

  • 08/03/2017
    Masatomo Tamaru
    "Short short no hiroba①"
    Compiled by: Shinichi Hoshi
    “Flash fiction writers” are authors who write short and mysterious…

  • 08/02/2017
    "Hi no Ko"
    Written by: Shusuke Shizukui
    A murderer is found not guilty at a trial... However, there is…

  • 08/01/2017
    Yoshihide Otomo
    "Sanmon Yakusha Anaakii-Den" part 1 / part 2
    Written by: Taiji Tonoyama
    It may be difficult to obtain this book now…

  • 07/31/2017
    "Ookina Beat no Ki no Shita de-Boowy Story"
    Written by: Machito Kon
    I read this book when I was in middle school. It is…

  • 07/26/2017
    Yoshitaka Haba
    "Take off your heels"
    Written by: Yumiko Sakuma
    "Don't worry. Be happy!" is the title of one of Kaori …

  • 07/22/2017
    "Naze Ikiru"
    Written by: Daiji Akehashi, Kentaro Ito / Edited by: Kentetsu Takamori
    I do not read suspense novels…

  • 07/21/2017
    "Tenshi ga Kureta Tokei"
    Written by: Richard Paul Evans / Translated by: Yoko Sasano
    KENCHI, thank you for offering this place so that…

  • 07/17/2017
    "The Little Prince"
    Written by: Antoine de Saint-Exupéry / Translated by: Mariko Kono
    The little prince wants to know only "the truth".…

  • 07/15/2017
    "'Psychological training' that changed Japan national rugby union team"
    Written by: Kaori Araki
    I tend to get nervous which hinders me…

  • 07/13/2017
    "A Friend"
    Text by: Shuntaro Tanikawa / Illustrated by: Makoto Wada
    The book is written by Shuntaro Tanikawa…

  • 07/11/2017
    "Zukkoke Sanningumi Series"
    Written by: Masamoto Nasu / Illustrated by: Kazuo Maekawa
    Should I say I want to recommend this series…

  • 07/06/2017
    "Kuchibue Sandwich"
    Written by: Yataro Matsuura
    This book is a collection of Yataro Matsuura's…

  • 07/02/2017
    "My Father's Dragon"
    Written and Illustrated by: Ruth Stiles Gannett / Translated by: Shigeo Watanabe
    The main character of the novel,…

  • 06/29/2017
    "The Journey, an original experience of your own lifestyle"
    Compiled by: Daisuke Yosumi, TABIPPO
    To "live your own life" I suggest you to make…

  • 06/28/2017
    Mouichido Seishun / ak
    "Gyokou no Nikuko-chan"
    Written by: Kanako Nishi
    <Mouichido Seishun's Comment>The story happens…