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Hello everyone! This is Kenchi Tachibana.


Some people may ask "What is TACHIBANA BOOKSTORE?" Please think of TACHIBANA BOOKSTORE not only as a bookstore, but also as a "space" where you can exchange values with many people through books.

I love books, but it doesn’t mean that I am very knowledgeable about them. There are too many books that I haven't read.
However, I read books every day. I always visit a bookstores if I have time. I love spaces filled with books and I want to find new books there.
Sometimes, I just hang around the bookstores without taking anything. Even so, I feel refreshed and become full of energy again.

I am greatly influenced by the books I have read so far. I am always inspired by words in books when things don't go well and when I feel depressed.

Therefore, I want to introduce some books which have inspired me in TACHIBANA BOOKSTORE.

Moreover, you can also introduce your favorite books.

This is a "space" where various people can share their values through books.

I am looking forward to gathering many good books in TACHIBANA BOOKSTORE.

OWNER Kenchi Tachibana

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