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Crystal Kay

Crystal Kay
■ Date of Birth: 1986/2/26■ Blood Type: O
■ Birthplace: Yokohama

In July 1999, Crystal Kay began her singing career after releasing her debut single "Eternal Memories".
Her third album "almost seventeen" released in October 2002 debuted at number 2 on the ORICON chart.
In April 2005, her song "Koini Ochitara" was used as the theme song of Fuji TV's drama "Koini Ochitara ~Bokuno Seikouno Himitsu~" and became a great hit.
In June 2007, Crystal Kay released the album "ALL YOURS" and topped the ORICON chart.
In September 2009, Crystal Kay released the best album "BEST of CRYSTAL KAY" and achieved huge success in both sales and her tour, thus showed her firm presence.
In 2011, she transferred to UNIVERSAL MUSIC and released her much-anticipated first single "Superman" (Produced by: BACHLOGIC) on December 14.
On June 27, 2012, she released her long-awaited first album "VIVID" after transferring to UNIVERSAL MUSIC.
With "Crystal Kay dancing while singing" as its theme, the artist explored new possibilities in this album.
In addition, she also participated in the production of "Where the Wild Things Are" recorded in the international edition of Far East MOVEMENT's album "Dirty Bass", as well as "Endless Love" of LIONEL RICHIE's album "Tuskegee".
She is active on the international stage apart from her career in Japan.
As a member of the super massive dance project Dance Earth Party initiated by TETSUYA, NESMITH and EXILE ÜSA, Crystal Kay released the first single "Inochino Rhythm" for this project on January 16, 2013.
In February 2013, she appeared in the stage play "Dance Earth ~Inochino Rhythm~" (Director: Goro Kishitani) which was put on stage at Shinagawa Stellar Ball.
She released the DVD entitled CK LIVE 2012 "VIVID" on March 6, 2013, which recorded her solo live "CK LIVE 2012 'VIVID'" held at AKASAKA BLITZ on September 8, 2012.
Since March 2013, Crystal Kay has expanded the scope of her activities to New York and has made greater progress as an artist.
Then she transferred to LDH in November 2014.
2015 marks the start of Crystal Kay's Chapter 2.