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【Artist Data】

He is a DJ with a hip hop soul
and he brings excitement to the dance floor in Japan through various music sounds.
In the late 2000s, as a member of the DJ group and production team "DEXPISTOLS",
he focused on street style music and greatly changed Japan's club scene
and tore down the barriers among music genres with electronic sounds as his weapon.
At the beginning of 2015, in order to focus on their own solo careers,
"DEXPISTOLS" announced that they will stop carrying out group activities for an indefinite period.
After that, he was immediately signed to LDH as a DJ and producer.
A new project "PKCZ" has been launched,
where he officially carries out activities together with EXILE HIRO, DJ MAKIDAI and VERBAL.
Moreover, he also starts an apparel brand "FULL-BK" as the designer
and presents high-end street wear to people who love hip hop.
As a DJ, his activities have been receiving lots of attention.