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■ Birthplace: New Zealand

JAY'ED's father is Japanese and his mother is from New Zealand. He spent his first 10 years in New Zealand.
He started carrying out activities in Osaka's clubs when he was 17 and made his major debut in 2008.

His popular hits "Zutto Issho" and "Saigono Yasashisa" have been played 2 million times on YouTube.
He created a sensation in 2009 through JUJU with JAY'ED's "Ashitaga Kurunara" and "Everybody" (au Smart Sports commercial song).
His 1st album "MUSICATION" debuted at No.6 on ORICON Chart after release and became a hot-seller.
And in 2013, he enthusiastically released his cover album "JAY'EDISCO", where he had a dream-like collaboration with the legendary Earth, Wind & Fire in the title track "September".

He continued working with various artists afterwards and became one of the leading figures in Japan's R&B scene.
In 2016, singer JAY'ED started his much-anticipated second season.


His real name, JADE, is a kind of precious green gem which has been considered valuable especially in Asia since the ancient times.

In English, when "-ed" is added to a verb, it means actions in the past or the receiver of an action. He added a suffix to make his artist name even more unique, and he aims to become a singer who can bring something new to music by harnessing the beauty and goodness of retro, or things that are considered "classic".