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Rome Kanda


Rome Kanda
■ City: Osaka ■ Height: 179cm
■ Speciality: English, MC, storytelling, stand-up comedy, improvisational theatre, stage combat
Born in Osaka, Rome Kanda entered Eichi University (St. Thomas University, Japan) after graduating from the local Seifu Senior High School.
During his school days, he had experience in studying abroad in UK and learning English in Iowa, USA.
Being strongly influenced by different cultures during his study abroad, he decided to present entertainment on the global stage.
He lived in Los Angeles when he studied abroad. When he made his first appearance in the comedy club "Iguwhiizu", he received a standing ovation from American viewers who are very strict in comedy, which won him a lot of support.
After that, he was chosen as the first Japanese moderator of "I Survived a Japanese Game Show" which was aired at prime time on ABC, one of the 3 big television networks in USA.
This program won the Golden Rose Award, the highest award of the Rose d'Or Awards, which is recognized as the Cannes Festival for TV shows.
In the meantime, he called himself "Kei Kato" in G4, an American digital cable and satellite television channel and served as the moderator of "Unbeatable Banzuke".
Moreover, he carried out remarkable activities in the international community, which made contributions to introducing "Japan" to the whole world. With the help of foreign media reporters, he was very active in promoting "Japan" to the world. Therefore, he was selected by the Cabinet Office as one of the Japanese who were active on the global stage and promoted "Japan" to the whole world.
English name: Profiles of "Passion without borders" Japanese.
As an actor, he also appeared in Hollywood movies. He achieved remarkable success in overseas countries and received high praise.
He published his autobiography "Samurai Spirit" (Gentosha Inc.) and returned to Japan temporarily.
After he returned to Japan, he was invited to give performances by many media who knew about his activities in overseas countries, which earned him recognition in Japan for the first time.
A few years ago, he appeared in "TED Speaker" and his speeches are still used in the textbook of business English.
In the magazine "Newsweek", he was selected as one of the 25 Japanese people who were respected by people from all over the world. In order to introduce the beauty of Japan to the world, he is now carrying out activities in various fields.
Appearance in Spectrum Films and SHOCHIKU co-production film "TOKYO-POP"
"Violent Cop" (Directed by and starred Takeshi Kitano)
Appearance in the movie "Sonatine" (Directed by and starred Takeshi Kitano) and all movies directed by Takeshi Kitano till 1997 after "Sonatine"
"Memory & Desire" won Best Film Award on New Zealand International Film Festival
Hollywood movie "Rollerball" by MGM (as the announcer)
"Ya-Ku-Za Yakuza in New York" (USA)
"Lucky Girl" (USA)
"Gangs of Brooklyn" (USA)
"Lock and Roll Forever" (USA | Japan)
"The Informant!" (USA)
"LOVE Masaokun ga Iku!"
【TV drama】
Guest appearance in CX "NIGHT HEAD"
Appearance in WOWOW Prime Television Series "Strangers 6" co-produced by Japan, South Korea and China
【TV commercial】
"SUNDROP COMMERCIAL" national campaign
【Overseas variety show】
March 2001 "Saturday Night Live" (NBC) as the doctor
"Access Hollywood" (NBC)
June 2008 "I Survived a Japanese Game Show" (ABC)
2009 "I Survived a Japanese Game Show Season 2"
【Regular program】
BS New Channel Dlife258 "I Survived a Japanese Game Show"
tv asahi "Tobidase!! WORLD MONITOR" (prime time)
"WORLD MONITOR ~Ima Nihonjinni Tsutaetai Koto~"
"Majide! Sekaino Maruhi Omoshiro CM Zenbu Misemasu!!"
"Love Diet"
Fuji TV "Girls Award 2010"
NTV "Gyouretsuno Dekiru Houritsu Soudanjo", "MERINGUE no Kimochi", "THE MOST USEFUL SCHOOL IN THE WORLD"
TBS "Hanamaru Market"
Fuji TV "Mezamashi TV", "Tokudane!", "Mr. Sunday", "HEISEI KYOUIKUIINKAI 2011 NEW YEAR'S DAY SPECIAL", "Oshiete Mr. News Ikegami Akira no Sounanda Nippon", "Rolling the Dice -The Talk Show-"
tv asahi "Tetsuko no Heya", "WIDE! SCRAMBLE", "Qsama!! 2-hour Special"
TV TOKYO "Sekaiwo Kaeru 100 Nin no Nihonjin! JAPAN★ALLSTARS"
【Stage play】
Classical ballet "The Nutcracker" in Iowa USA (as the Rat King)
"Rome Kanda & Kumiko Ohba Musical Show" IN CRYSTAL ROOM
Improvisational performance on Theatre Sports's first stage in Japan
Appearance as a comedian on New York Apollo Theater's Amateur Night
Stand-Up Comedy at "Boston Comedy Club" in New York
Ring announcer at "K-1 GRAND PRIX '93"
Mercedes-Benz Stage DJ at "TOKYO MOTOR SHOW" (bilingual)
Guest entertainer on YUKI TORII's Fashion Show
Lead actor in the dance show "Eternal" IN Aoyama Round Theatre
Appearance in the samurai show "Baggot Inn" in New York

TED Speaker (His speeches are still used in the textbook of business English.)
【Live show】
"NY Apollo Theater"
"NY Comedy Club"
"The Comedy Store / Hollywood"
【Self-produced show】
"Mr. Edamame" (USA)
2010 "Samurai Spirit" Gentosha Inc.