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Tomohiro Nagatsuka


Tomohiro Nagatsuka
■ Date of Birth: 11/28/1978■ Blood Type: A
■ Height: 181cm ■ Weight: 92kg
■ Speciality: Bicycle & stock comment
■ Hobby: Reading & Work out ■ Qualification: Ordinary driver's license, payroll calculation & bookkeeping

He was born in Toride City, Ibaraki Prefecture.
He graduated from Top Sports Management Course in Graduate School of Sport Sciences, Waseda University.

He started participating in bicycle races in senior high school.

Participated in three consecutive Olympic Games
2000 Sydney Olympics 5th place
2004 Athens Olympics silver medal
2008 Beijing Olympics 6th place

World Cup
2002 Kunming Games silver medal
2003 Sydney Games gold medal
2003 Moscow Games bronze medal
2004 Aguascalientes Games silver medal
2004 Sydney Games bronze medal

2011 G1 Asahi Shimbun Cup Bicycle Race Champion

2015 Retired

Now he works as a stock commentator and the vice president of an NPO organization that promotes friendship between Japan and China.
In the meantime, he also offers his help to reconstruct the affected areas in the Great Eastern Japan Earthquake.

In the future, facing the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, he will keep on carrying out activities as an Olympic medalist. He has received a lot of support so far, so he hopes to offer his experience to the entire Japanese society in return.

【Subject of one of his speeches】

Mental control of medalists