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Kei Otozuki


Kei Otozuki
■ Date of Birth: 1980/6/19■ Blood Type: O
■ Birthplace: Saitama■ Height: 166cm

Entered Takarazuka Music School in 1996.
Entered Takarazuka Revue as a student of the 84th batch in 1998.
Made the stage debut by COSMOS troupe performance “Citrus No Kaze”.
Then she was assigned to SNOW troupe.
Since she was chosen to be the leading role
in the new-talent performance “Takeki Ougonno Kuni” in the third year after entering the troupe,
she accumulated great career experience as a young star of SNOW troupe.
In 2010, she became the top star in SNOW troupe by “Roméo and Juliette”.
Besides pretty appearance, she is good at singing, dancing, and theatre and is called a talented top star.
Regretfully, she quitted the troupe with “JIN/GOLD SPARK!” in December 2012.