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Sawa Yamaguchi


Sawa Yamaguchi
■ Date of Birth: 5/15■ Blood Type: A
■ Birthplace: Tokyo■ Height: 165cm
■ Size: S23.5
■ Speciality: acupuncture(national qualification)
■ Hobby: computer, golf, snowboard

2006.10 NHK Hi-Vision Pre-MAP SEN NO KAZE NI NATTE
2006 CX721・739 ODAIBA OWARAI MICHI(8/20~O.A)
2006 TX GEKISOU!GT, reporter (Malaysia&Sendai)
2006 TX PIKAICHI, reporter (3/26O.A)
2002.10~2006.03 TBS RANK OUKOKU, navigator

2008.06~ NACK5 HITS THE TOWN regular host ,aired at 12:55~18:00 on Saturdays Live broadcasting@Omiya Arche
2007.01~03 NACK5 NACK ON TOWN host
2006.11 NACK5 NACK ON TOWN host
2006.10~ NACK5 Mail-reqbox M-SUN host

2007 Morinaga&Co., Ltd Weider in Jelly
2001 Keio Group
2001 Environment Agency Poster
2001 CX CM PS2