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EXILE ATSUSHI's solo single
"Just The Way You Are"
to be released on 4/11 (Wed.)!!

The world's top artist Bruno Mars won 6 awards in 3 main categories at "The 60th Grammy Awards" which was held on 1/28 (Sun.). EXILE ATSUSHI will sing the first Japanese language cover of Bruno Mars' hit song "Just The Way You Are"!

Bruno Mars' debut single "Just The Way You Are" is a ballad popular worldwide which was released in July 2010. The song topped the US Billboard Charts for 4 weeks in a row and peaked at number one on "World Digital Song Sales TOP 10 in 2011" with 12.5 million downloads (announced by International Federation of Phonogram and Videogram Producers). EXILE ATSUSHI will sing a Japanese language cover of this hit song and the much-anticipated cover song will be released on 4/11 (Wed.) as his first solo single after studying abroad!

ATSUSHI has a lot of respect for Bruno Mars and thinks that "he is one of the most talented musicians in the world and has good taste in music." As ATSUSHI has been working in the music studio day after day, the Japanese lyrics of the chorus part of this song suddenly came into his mind and he wrote the lyrics for this song right away.
"If I sing it in Japanese, I will be able to convey the emotions contained in this song to more Japanese people and pass a warm message to everyone." With this idea, ATSUSHI wrote Japanese lyrics for this song and created this cover!

Moreover, ATSUSHI has sung the cover song to Bruno, thus creating the opportunity for the interaction between them. ATSUSHI watched Bruno's live show which was held in Washington D.C. at the end of last year and they met for the first time there.
Bruno welcomed ATSUSHI warmly and said: "I am very happy to meet a Japanese super star. I feel proud that you sing a cover of my song 'Just The Way You Are'. Thank you!" The two took a photo together and ATSUSHI presented a gift, Japanese sake, to Bruno who enjoys drinks. After that, when ATSUSHI was recording the song in Los Angeles, Bruno sent rum to him as a present in return.

ATSUSHI will sing "Just The Way You Are" beautifully in Japanese. It is a worldwide famous ballad by Bruno Mars who has won all six awards at Grammys. Be sure to check out the new cover song of the famous ballad!

Besides the collaboration song with ATSUSHI's friend Nathan Morris from Boyz II Men, the single also includes 3 English songs which were produced overseas.
The DVD comes in a deluxe edition, containing 4 music videos which were filmed in New York and Los Angeles!

It can be called EXILE ATSUSHI's compilation work of his studies abroad. The super splendid maxi single will be released on 4/11 (Wed.)! Stay tuned!

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EXILE ATSUSHI's solo single
"Just The Way You Are"
to be released on 4/11/2018 (Wed.)

【CD + DVD】
RZCD-86552/B ¥2,480 + tax
RZCD-86553 ¥1,200 + tax


・Just The Way You Are
・I think of you
・Do You Remember

・Just The Way You Are (Music Video)
・I think of you (Music Video)
・Do You Remember (Music Video)
・More... (Music Video)